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Use the links below to see the pictures and stories of the 2013 adventure.


Our Carriers


Tumbarumba to Kokoda - Friday 12th, Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th April

Kokoda to Isurava - Monday 15th April

Isurava to Abuari - Tuesday 16th April

Abuari - Wednesday 17th April

Abuari to Eora Creek - Thursday 18th April

Eora Creek to 1900 - Friday 19th April

1900 to Kagi - Saturday 20th April

Kagi to Efogi - Sunday 21st April

Efogi - Monday 22nd April

Efogi to Menari - Tuesday 23rd April

Menari to Nauro - Wednesday 24th April

Nauro to Ioribaiwa - Thursday 25th April

Ioribaiwa to Owers Corner (then Bomana) - Friday 26th April

Bomana to Tumbarumba - Saturday 27th to Monday 29th April